Sponsored: New Spanish Style Gin and Tonic

In Spain, gin and tonic cocktails are served up in wine glasses. This style of serving is not necessarily anything new. What is new is the use of aromatic and eye-catching garnishes that bartenders in Spain and across the globe are using to enhance and embellish the simple G&T. In this episode, Charlotte builds a delicious cocktail and chooses garnishes that best represent the base spirit while also creating a proper drinking experience.


1 1/2 parts Hendrick’s Gin

long cucumber slice

orange peel

lemon peel

tonic water

dried juniper berries

dried roses

or other garnishes of your choosing


Build in a wine glass.

Fill wine glass with ice.

Add Gin and garnishes.


Dinah (MetaGrrrl/Bibulous) 7 Jan 2015
10:03 am

Beautiful and delicious!

We just had a great gin & tonic at the Viaduct Tavern in this style. It used a very savory gin and was garnished with small olives and fresh thyme. Super presentation and harmony of flavor! (You’re absolutely right, too, that the tonic makes the difference. It just wouldn’t have been as good without Fevertree.)

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