Travel Like a Mixologist

Not only must you stock your bar with the best ingredients and most useful tools, you need to be able to take your act on the road. Robert packs up his traveling mixologist bag and let’s you in on some secrets of transporting those all important bitters.


doctor’s bag

parisian shaker


cocktail strainer

julep strainer

wine key

bottle opener


cutting board


channel knife/zester

dropper bottles for bitters


Robert Hess 29 Apr 2008
2:03 pm

The “Doctor’s” bag I show in this episode is one that I picked up from “”, they don’t appear to have that particular model any more, the closest one they have to it is the “Classic Physicians Medical Bag” currently on a special sale for $30 (, which sounds like a great price to me.

Tell them you heard about it on the Cocktail Spirit, and I bet it will drive them crazy :->


Chris 4 May 2008
7:42 pm

I love the series, Robert.  Regarding traveling with cutlery, LamsonSharp makes a great and inexpensive plastic sheath called a Knife Safe, which comes sized for most common knives, so you can use them not only for your paring knife, but your other knives as well.  They’re available all over the place, and if KegWorks doesn’t carry them, they might consider doing so.

Robert Hess 5 May 2008
6:42 am

Chris, yes, there are a couple different brands of plastic knife guards which are available, and I use them in my knife roll to keep my blades always covered. It doesn’t look like KegWorks currently offers any but a quick search for “knife guard” will bring up a variety of locations to pick them up. You can also find them available at almost any kitchen store that has a decent collection of knives.


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