Whisky Tasting Notes

How to keep a record of your whisky experiences is the topic of this segment. Charlie MacLean talks us through the process of making detailed tasting notes.


Celestino 13 May 2014
1:31 pm

I have to say, bravo!

I myself have started my New Year’s Resolution 2014 as assessing, evaluating and appreciating the whiskies in the bar I work in. Being a novice I still have much and much to learn but it’s been fun so far.

Charlie does an excellent job explaining the procedure when tasting whiskies.

AaronWalls 18 Jun 2014
7:12 pm

Completely fascinating. Just discovered this series tonight. Fantastic stuff.

Quick question: I am primarily a bourbon drinker ( I live in Tennessee and went to college in Kentucky). Do you have an idea as to the ratio of water you pour into a whiskey for tasting? I imagine, with your experience, you eyeball the pour. But for a relative novice do you have a recommendation for the measure? Is it 3:1? Or?

Singlemalt TV 18 Jun 2014
8:10 pm

Charlie suggests adding water based on what he calls the “prickle value” (not a scientific term). Taste the whisky neat and see how much alcohol burn you perceive on a scale of 1-5. Then add a few drops of water…more if you give it a five and less if you give it a 1. A bit of trial and error but you will quickly find the ratios that work best for you. Blenders tend to use more water in their tastings as they are after an accurate evaluation of the underlying flavor profile to prevent flavor drift. Rob

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