Water or Ice?

When drinking whisky should you drink it neat or should you add water or perhaps ice? It is all a matter of why you are drinking and personal preference as Charlie MacLean so eloquently explains.


Celestino 13 May 2014
1:34 pm

You’re spot on. I really enjoyed watching this clip; you present this elegantly and with great expertise. I’ve heard so many people say how one should drink their whisky but this really opened my eyes when you mentioned

“enjoying vs appreciating”

Keep up the good work!

(we always laugh at the bar should someone want the Higland Park 40yo mixed with diet coke :) )

bushmills boy 19 May 2014
4:37 am

Great video explaining it well.

But I think as well there is a case for ice but its quite specific. Only if say you are in a hotter country should you add ice as due to the increased temperature the spirit can be affected by increased evaporation, leading to a different taste and nose profile.

Singlemalt TV 19 May 2014
5:17 am

@Celestino Thank you for the kind words…and HP 40yo with diet coke….I guess however you like to enjoy it is the way to look at that.

@bushmills boy Many people also like their whisky chilled. The important thing here, if adding ice, is that the ice is allowed to melt completely so the whisky is not diluted progressively as it melts. A small piece of ice can serve the dual purpose of chilling slightly and adding the touch of water needed to open the spirit up so the full flavor profile can be appreciated.

Celestino 19 May 2014
5:24 am

@bushmills boy
Actually, I’ve heard one story/saying that
whiskey <12yo = ice okay
whiskey ≥12yo = water

As said, _personal preference_. One of my colleagues mentioned that ice chills the whiskey too fast for the proper aromas to develop. With drastically younger whiskies it’s not _that_ critical but when the whiskey gets older and older, cooling it down too fast makes it lose its significant aspect; nose/aroma

@Singlemalt TV
Yeah, what I meant to say is was that no-one has ever ordered that combination (yet), but the mere idea of buying a measure of an almost half-century old single malt and mixing it with diet coke seems really funny.

Singlemalt TV 19 May 2014
10:55 pm

Have not heard that but ultimately it is whatever works for you. Personally I do not use ice in anything over 25yo but often like a little chill. I know several gents who actually refrigerate their bottles and always drink them cold…so whatever works.

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