Chamomile Sour Cocktail

At Canon, Jamie’s bar in Seattle, WA, they take pride in the sours they create each and every night. Like many cocktails served at Canon, sours are made with 2:1, rich simple syrup. As Jamie has professed in passed episodes, rich simple syrup provides not only sweetness but a great mouth feel without diluting the drink as much as a typical 1:1 simple syrup might. In the Chamomile Sour, Scotch is infused with the plentiful, calming herb to create a truly delightful, rich, yet light take on the classic sour style cocktail.


1 egg white 2 oz chamomile infused scotch 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice 1/2 rich (2:1) simple syrup 3 to 4 dropsThe Bitter Truth Creole Bitters


Add all ingredients to mixing tin.

Froth or whip with a dairy frother or dry shake to emulsify. Add ice to tin and shake vigorously. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Gently apply drops of bitters to foam. Draw a toothpick or straw through the bitters to create a nice design.


PaulR. 8 Jan 2014
11:36 am

Hello Jamie,

Really interesting and appetizing recipe! And good points about the process of infusing spirits; having said that could you tell us how exactly, the quantity of chamomile and scotch (for 20 minutes or less in room temp as you mentioned in the film), you used to make the infused scotch, so that we can have a chance to find out what “it tastes ready” meant to you in this instance? And which scotch do you recommend (didn’t recognize the label in the film)? Would Famous Grouse work or would it be too peaty? Thanks for the great recipe and look forward to trying this soon as we have quite a few scotch cocktail fans here.


allan go 20 Jul 2014
6:55 am

Jamie You are the most amazing Bartender of our time . your videos are a blessing to me . I wanted to give up bartending here in Russia but you gave me a whole new breath and im back into it . THAN YOU

Jamie Boudreau 22 Jul 2014
12:55 pm

Glad that you’re enjoying the shows! Keep it up!

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