“Ohhhh, Left!” - A Story of 86ing

Occasionally, bar patrons can act unruly. In such cases, bar staff may be required to remove said patrons from the bar as quickly and efficiently as possible. Or, at least, remove them, somehow, as Jeffrey and his buddy Pete did one night, long, long ago.


Celestino 12 Dec 2013
5:53 pm

Excellent story! :D

I got into the restaurant/bar business ~2 months ago and within the first one I had to be part of a little fistfight. Two guys from the bar next door came to harass/provoke two of our customers sitting at the terrace. My colleague went to calm them down (and tried to get them to leave) but what ended up happening that these two jokers from the bar next door started wresting and throwing chairs/punches at EACH OTHER! My pal went “f**k it” and shouted at me “buzz the alarm!!” where I looked at him rather dumbstruck…and replied…”...where?!” (I was never shown the little button under the desk when I first started)

Security came quickly and the best thing, put on their report “a little tussling between two men”. I can’t say that throwing outdoor bar chairs is called “tussling” :D

a10tive1 13 Dec 2013
8:38 am

Love Jeffrey’s storytelling and how he brings experiences to life!  This particular story deserves a drink created in it’s memory—perhaps the “86d” or the “Ahhh, Left” or “The Purse Snatcher”!

RSS fan 17 Dec 2013
8:04 am

Delightful story, it would be a shame if I’d miss it for the lack of an RSS-feed

Small Screen Colin 17 Dec 2013
9:20 am

Here’s our feed, RSS fan.


Thank you for watching!

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