How to Make Oleo Saccharum

If you haven’t realized it yet, Jeffrey is lazy. He wants great ingredients for his cocktails but he doesn’t want to work very hard to make them. Muddling lemon zest with sugar to make oleo saccharum was too much work, especially considering the volume needed for punches served at Clyde Common. So, Jeffrey turned to his trusty vacuum sealer and set about simplifying the process.

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Zest of 9 lemons

12 oz. super fine sugar


Peel lemons with a Y peeler.

Add lemon zests and sugar to a vacuum sealer bag and seal.

Let sit for four to six hours at least until the sugar has been thoroughly infused with the lemon oils.

Store refrigerated until ready to use.


Michael "Michaelogist" Kelley 26 Nov 2013
12:08 pm

Are you cooking it sous vide? Or just leaving it at room temperature?

Small Screen Colin 26 Nov 2013
12:14 pm


Jeffrey refrigerates after sealing until ready to use. No sous vide.

Thank you for watching!

RSS 26 Nov 2013
6:28 pm

Any chance that the Morgenthaler Method RSS feed gets fixed?

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