Brandy Old Fashioned

An old fashioned is an old fashioned, right? Well, not in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, an old fashioned is different and that will never change, no matter how snooty we all get about cocktails and what they are “supposed” to be. Jeffrey has created his own version of the Brandy Old Fashioned that pays homage to the mid-western classic.

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1 Amarena cherry

1 orange slice

1 tsp. 2:1 simple syrup

2 dashes aromatic bitters

2 oz California Brandy (Jeffrey used Korbel)


Muddle cherry, orange, simple syrup and bitters in the bottom of a frozen old fashioned glass until a paste or slurry is formed.

Add brandy and stir to combine.

Add crushed ice and stir.


msson 15 Nov 2013
5:34 am

Your videos never disappoint! They’re both informative and fun, can’t wait for the next one.

Also, the Brandy Old Fashioned added to the top of my to-do list.

Small Screen Colin 15 Nov 2013
6:39 am


Glad you like our videos!

Thank you for watching!

Dinah (MetaGrrrl/Bibulous) 6 Dec 2013
9:41 am


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