Applejack Fix Cocktail - Punch For One

“What the heck is a Fix?!”, Sam asks. Well, Sam, a fix is a category of drink, like a sour, that is, essentially, a punch for one person. A fix can be made with any base spirit and usually contains a flavored syrup, like pineapple. For this Fix, Robert uses Applejack as his base spirit and combines it with pineapple syrup he made from scratch, which he also explains and demonstrates how to make in this episode.


2 1/2 oz Applejack Brandy

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz pineapple syrup


Shake ingredients with ice.

Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

Festoon with berries.

Add a touch of grated nutmeg and cinnamon should you have them on hand.


Adam 10 Oct 2013
1:01 pm

Look at that trendy Bartender Shake you’ve developed, Robert!

AaronWalls 23 Oct 2013
3:24 pm

Quick question: what difference should I expect between Applejack and Calvados? Besides 20+ dollars?

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