Boom Chuck Chuck Cocktail

In the latest episode of Served With a Twist (launched April 1st) bartender Jim Romdall of Vessel Seattle masterfully recreates the Boom Chuck Chuck Cocktail under careful instruction from Bryce Chartwell himself.
Featuring the rarely served Medvedev Vodka from the Inner Caucasus, this cocktail always generates a frenzy of excitement whenever it is served at The Last Parsnip.

Celebrity chef and renowned gastronomic innovator Bryce Chartwell brings a unique approach to cocktails using his proprietary Lagrange Method. Join him on a remarkable journey in Served With A Twist.

For more information on The Lagrange Cocktail Method, please visit The Last Parsnip


1.275 oz of Medvedev Vodka

1 oz of homemade double sec

Freshly and intensely squeezed lemon

4 cuboidal shards of glacial ice

Potato sugar (for rimming)


First prepare the potato sugar:

Coarsely grind a medium-sized potato.

Place into a sealed container and set aside in an outbuilding for several days, stirring every twelve minutes.

Retrieve and confirm consistency using a match-grade powder measure. (A Reading 3BR is ideal).

Now prepare the cocktail:

Circumsmear your glasses with the potato sugar.

Maintain a rate an inversion depth between 1 and 1 1/8”.

Set aside.

Pour 1.275 oz of Medvedev vodka into your cocktail shaker.

Add 1 oz of homemade double sec (instructions in a subsequent episode)

Take a fresh lemon and squeeze intensely with both hands into the cocktail.

Add 4 cuboidal shards of glacial ice.

Shake at an even pace for exactly ten minutes.

Strain into your sugar rimmed glass (taking care to avoid the edges).

Serve and consume immediately.


Nick L. 18 Apr 2013
9:29 am

Tried making this, but my glass was, unfortunately, about two-tenths a degree too warm.  Ruined my entire evening.

Vincent Vee 21 Jan 2015
6:27 pm

Subbed out the Double Sec with twice the amount of Sec and it tasted just fine.

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