Mordechai’s Sweet Revenge Cocktail

The premier episode of Served With a Twist features bartender Jim Romdall of Vessel Seattle masterfully manipulating the Mordechai’s Sweet Revenge Cocktail. Featuring the ultra-small batch Stray Cat’s Bourbon from Hooper’s Ferry, Kentucky, this cocktail generates great gastronomic pleasure and inquisitive glances whenever it is served at The Last Parsnip.

Celebrity chef and renowned gastronomic innovator Bryce Chartwell brings a unique approach to cocktails using his proprietary Lagrange Method. Join him on a remarkable journey in Served With A Twist.

For more information on The Lagrange Cocktail Method, please visit The Last Parsnip.


2.3 oz Stray Cat’s Bourbon

Punt e Mes

One shot of Sweet Liqueur from Bratislava

English Breakfast or Darjeeling Tea for Rinsing


Add the Bourbon in two equal measures to your mixing glass.

Add Punt e Mes.

Add Sweet Liqueur from Bratislava.

Stack three cubic shards of ice vertically into the mixing glass.

Stir using the One-Handed Lagrange Stir.


While the cocktail is “resting”, rinse the cocktail glass with the tea making sure that it is evenly coated.

Using a julep strainer, pour the cocktail in one long pour taking care to avoid the sides of the glass.

Finish with a double spray of lemon. The first should occur one hands breadth from the glass’s rim. The next, directly above the glass’s rim with a great flourish. Add teh second zest to the glass and serve.


Andrea Doria 1 Apr 2013
9:08 am

Good one!

Gwydion Stone 1 Apr 2013
11:36 am

Absolutely brilliant.

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