Sorrentino Cocktail

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The Americano Cocktail was originally known as the Milano-Torino in the late 19th century. After a surge in popularity with American tourists visiting Italy in the early 20th century, bartenders began to call it by its new name. As a nod to this classic and to the region around Sorrento, Italy, where lemons used to make Luxardo Limoncello are grown, Francesco created the Sorrentino Cocktail. This cocktail recipe is one of many created by Francesco that can be found in a new cocktail book featuring the diverse portfolio of Luxardo products.

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1 oz - 30 ml Luxardo Limoncello

1 oz - 30 ml Luxardo Bitter

1 oz - 30 ml Sweet Vermouth

2 oz - 60 ml club soda

sprig of fresh thyme


Place the thyme in a tumbler glass and muddle to release the oils.

Add ice and ingredients.

Stir well and serve.


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