Amaretto Sour Cocktail

Jeffrey Morgenthaler likes two things: strip clubs, and guilty pleasure cocktails. In this latest episode of The Morgenthaler Method, Jeff tears down that classic club garbage staple, the Amaretto Sour. Bolstering it with cask-proof bourbon and elevating it with fresh lemon juice and egg whites, watch as he transforms a traditional piece of crap into a beautiful cocktail worthy of your time and palate.


1 1/2 amaretto

3/4 oz cask strength bourbon

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1 tsp. 2:1 simple syrup

1/2 oz egg white


Dry shake all ingredients briefly.

Add ice to shaker and shake vigorously until well mixed and chilled.

Double strain over ice into a chilled old fashioned glass.

Garnish with a large lemon peel and cherry.


Greg Patenaude 10 Oct 2012
10:01 am


Although I’ve never had another Amaretto Sour, I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that yours is the best there is.  I love this cocktail.  You will be happy to know that it was our feature cocktail for our last ‘Cocktail Friday’.  The smell alone of this cocktail gets my mouth watering.  Good job as always and keep ‘em coming.



Peter 10 Oct 2012
11:40 am

I saw this on his website and tried it a few months ago with Lazzaroni amaretto…in a word…awesome.  It really is the best f’ing amaretto sour on the planet.

Could not imagine drinking George T. Stagg anyway but neat with some water. (just so hard to find any of the BTAC bourbons)...but damn I bet that would be good in this drink as Jeffrey states.

Kostas Alexiou 10 Oct 2012
12:37 pm

I had this drink when I saw it in Jeffrey’s website. Pretty awesome. For sure the best amaretto sour.

Paul Chohan 7 Dec 2012
9:11 am

Fantastic videos Jeff, loving the presentation style, are any new videos on the way ? Cheers !

Brad Simpson 8 Dec 2012
12:27 pm

While I would agree with those who say that this should not be called an Amaretto Sour, I have no doubt that it is an excellent drink. As soon as I find a good-quality cask-strength bourbon in my area, I’ll be making these.

However, it should be noted that if a drink is already created and named, regardless of how one feels about the recognized recipe, then it is already created, and named. Classics don’t have anything to do with it. We can track down the history of the Cosmopolitan to what, 1988? Hardly classic. And yet, among bartenders, a Cosmopolitan has a fixed set of ingredients: vodka, lime juice, triple sec, and cranberry juice.

After I’ve given these a try(and I have a high expectation for them), if they make it into my cocktail book as I intend to make them regularly, I will list them as a Morgenthaler Sour. Because it is NOT an Amaretto Sour, it is a variation of an Amaretto Sour.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler 15 Dec 2012
10:56 am

Paul - Soon, I promise! We’re already working on the next “season” as we speak.

Brad - Call it whatever you like, I’ll call it an Amaretto Sour.

Hayley Smith 7 Jan 2013
6:27 pm

Jeffrey, is there any chance you could match your title of ‘the best amaretto sour in the world’ by being the best bloke in the world and convert the measurements into ml’s? I’m itching to give it a go but want to get the right amounts of each ingredient. Call me a perfectionist.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler 17 Jan 2013
11:02 am

Hayley - Sorry for the delay. Yeah, I can do that for you:

45 ml amaretto
22.5 ml cask strength bourbon
30 ml fresh lemon juice
5 ml. 2:1 simple syrup
15 ml oz egg white

Hope this helps!

Celestino 4 Mar 2013
11:17 am

What an entertaining clip! I have to make one in a few days.

Robert Rosin 11 Mar 2013
4:30 pm

Informative and entertaining video Jeff! I was going to make an Amaretto Sour for my father as Disaronno is his favorite liquer, but he is allergic to egg white. What would you recommend as an egg white substitute? Thx

Jeffrey Morgenthaler 12 Mar 2013
11:16 am

Robert - Beats me, man. I would say skip it all together.

steve7500 24 Apr 2013
12:28 pm

Jeffrey, I really like your recipe for the Amaretto Sour. You mentioned a cask strength Bourbon, I think it was George T. Stagg. If this is correct,fine,if not what is the name and where might I attempt to purchase it ?Thank you in advance,
Steve H. Clarke

Jeffrey Morgenthaler 24 Apr 2013
4:26 pm

Steve - George T. Stagg is amazing if you can find it, but I use Booker’s typically, and it’s really delicious. Probably one of my favorites out there.

steve7500 30 Apr 2013
2:40 pm

Jeffry, I did buy the BOOKERS and agree with you,it is ( and makes ) a great Bourbon. I found several places that sell ,at least advertise, GTS - I am on the “Wait List” so I’m told. I will buy and try this - period., Thanks for all you do and I hope you do more.

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