ROOT Bourbon Old Fashioned

This old fashioned is a whimsical, soda fountain inspired twist on the classic. Carbonated cherries add a bit of fizzy fun.



1 1/2 oz bourbon

3/4 oz Root liquor

1/4 oz Vanilla Bean Syrup (recipe follows)

dash Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

Vanilla Bean Syrup

1 large vanilla bean

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

Carbonated Cherries

1 (10 oz) jar maraschino cherries

iSi (0.5 liter/pint) Gourmet Whip

2 iSi CO2 soda chargers



Measure the bourbon, ROOT, Vanilla Bean Syrup and bitters into a mixing glass.

Fill glass three-quarters full with ice.

Stir with a bar spoon until chilled.

Strain over fresh ice in an old fashioned glass.

Garnish with carbonated cherry.

Vanilla Bean Syrup

Split the vanilla bean in half lengthwise and with a knife blade scrape out the pulp.

Place the split bean and the vanilla bean pulp into a small pan with the water and sugar.

Bring to a boil, and then remove from heat.

Cool and store refrigerated for up to 1 month.

Carbonated Cherries

Drain cherries and discard juice.

With a paring knife slit each cherry from the bottom to butterfly them.

Place cherries in iSi Gourmet Whip canister. Cap and seal.

Charge with two iSi CO2 soda chargers, give it a light shake and then let sit refrigerated overnight.

Once you are ready to serve cherries release the CO2 by squeezing the handle.

It is very important that all the gas is released!!

Then unscrew the top and remove cherries to a container with a tight fitting lid.

Cherries will stay fizzy for about 20-25 minutes.


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