Blended Peach Whiskey Sour

This blended version of a classic whiskey sour is a perfect way to celebrate wonderful ripe peaches during the summer. The addition of apricot preserves helps bump up the flavor of this cocktail – especially if using frozen peaches. Try making it with fresh nectarines or apricots if in season.


2 cups ice

4 oz bourbon

1 lemon, skin cut off, quartered

1 cup peaches (you can also substitute frozen, defrosted peaches if fresh are not available)

1 1/2 oz simple syrup

2 - 3 bar spoons apricot jam


In the blender cup of The Quiet One blender by VitaMix, add the ice, bourbon, lemon, peaches, simple syrup and apricot jam.

Blend on setting #4, consistency should be smooth and creamy.

Pour into 2 small daiquiri or large fun glasses.

Garnish with fresh peach or edible flowers chilled glasses.


steve7500 28 Aug 2012
11:55 am

This looks great and I am gonna try it. I actually have all the ingredients. I do want to tell you ,since you mentioned it in your Recipe instructions, my son has a Vitamix and it is beyond great. I have used it recently and it is worth every penny. It ain’t cheap because it ain’t cheap. Made in USA also.I will be getting a Vitamix . I know this sounds like a commercial but,I don’t work for the Vitamix people and,in fact,I don’t work for anyone.
I really like most of your recipes so keep up the good work.

onkelandy 2 Sep 2012
7:09 am

Awesome recipe, tastes great! Only problem: I end up having pieces of the “walls” in the lemon in the drink what is kinda uncool. Would advise to squeeze it in..

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