Smitten Cocktail

It’s what you’ll be after drinking this drink! It’s like fire and ice in a glass. But use the hot sauce with slight hand; it should enhance – not overpower. Shake in a few sprigs of cilantro for a little herbalicious’ness!


1/3 cup fresh ripe watermelon (large 1” cubes)

2 oz tequila

3/4 oz agave nectar

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

2 dashes Tabasco or hot sauce


Rim half the glass with Citrus Salt (see recipe from Season 2, Episode 8) and set aside.

Muddle watermelon in a mixing glass, being sure to press the melon well to release the juices.

Measure in tequila, agave and lime juice.

Shake in hot sauce – do not over do it!

Fill with ice. Cap and shake vigorously.

Strain into a martini glass with a partial Citrus Salt rim or serve unstrained over ice in a tall glass.


Lawrence Spies 21 Aug 2012
1:05 pm

Yum! looks delicious!

Nick L. 22 Aug 2012
11:23 am

I believe that Monin product is an agave syrup (it has water listed in its ingredients).  For those of us that use raw agave nectar, 3/4 oz would be a bit much unless you have a massive sweet tooth.

Steven D. Lauria 19 Mar 2013
12:51 pm

Hi, Kathy, The Smitten is in my repertoire of drinks. The citrus salt is delicious around the rim (as well as for the seasoning of chicken). I love the way that the Tobasco “kicks it up a notch,” as another culinary colleague of yours might say. Congratulations once again to you. Outstanding work!

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