Mojito Cocktail

Some cocktails can be easily pinned down to a specific point of origin. The Mojito isn’t one of them. The first printed recipe is in the 1931 bar manual from Sloppy Joe’s in Havana. But there are records of Caribbean pirates mixing unrefined rum, sugar, lime, and mint going back to the late 16th century. Who knows? One thing’s for sure: The Mojito’s trendiness ten years ago wasn’t because it was the new kid on the block.

Most places I’ve seen make this over-muddle the mint, demolishing it into little shreds you’re picking out of your teeth for the next hour. Adding lime chunks to the muddling mix will get a huge boost from the oils in their rinds. Take care and follow a similar process as the Mint Julep and you’ll get a much nicer drink. And cleaner teeth.


half a lime, cut into four chunks

2 oz light rum

3/4 oz simple syrup

10 spearmint leaves

1 oz tonic water or sparkling mineral water


Add first three ingredients to a chilled shaker or mixing glass.

Muddle well to express all lime juice and rind oils.

Add the mint and muddle again lightly to release the mint’s aromatics.

Add an ice cube and let it steep in a cool place for a few minutes.

Fill a Collins glass about two-thirds of the way up with cracked ice.

Gently strain the infused rum over the cracked ice – don’t shake too much.

Top with soda water.

Stir lightly to blend and garnish with a mint sprig that’s been lightly slapped against the rim of the glass to release its aromatic oils.


Johnnysatty 2 Aug 2012
7:52 am

this is an excellent version of a mojito , only difference is I measured the lime juice to 3/4 then muddled the spent lime shells, I also only used 1/2 simple do to the sugar in the tonic. I must say the combo of the muddled shells and the tonic really make this an amazing drink

onkelandy 6 Aug 2012
1:12 pm

Pretty cool and funny episode ;) I totally like the Tonic-idea, actually never had a Mojito with Tonic Water but definately gonna try it quite soon.

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