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Soda (Pop) is soda is soda, right? Not when it comes to DRY Soda. With seven flavors born from natural ingredients and with much less sugar than normal soda, DRY is a drink for the discerning palate. When drinking DRY, think of pairings beyond a bag of potato chips.


Lawrence Spies 13 Jun 2012
11:55 pm

These look and sound great! The blood orange and cucumber I must try!  Are these products in Texas and where to get them?

Nick L. 19 Jun 2012
9:28 am

Went out and bought some over the weekend.  Everyone loved the Blood Orange.  Lavender was also a really nice addition to cocktails.

Rhett 19 Jun 2012
11:35 am

These are in Canada too, thankfully (in Whole Foods and Gourmet Warehouse in Vancouver)!
The lady and I always have a bottle or two around - usually Lavender or Cucumber (though Blood Orange is a favourite of mine as well). She actually craves the Cucumber like crazy.
Didn’t know DRY came from Seattle! Lots of awesome things do :)
Thanks for being awesome.


DRY Soda 19 Jun 2012
1:24 pm

Lawrence: Glad you’re so interested! You can check our DRY Finder here ( or download our smart phone app and use the Finder. Let us know how the hunt goes!

Nick: Wow, thanks so much for trying us out! Per our advice above, check out our smart phone app for a *ton* of custom DRY cocktails. Happy mixing!

Rhett: No, thank YOU for being awesome! Happy to have such support from our nearby neighbors to the north. It means so much! You’re fantastic.

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