WTF Cocktail

By Jamie Boudreau

There are ingredients sitting in your back bar that you just don't like. Maybe it is just because you haven't taken the time to get to know them. The WTF cocktail is a cocktail made with some of those ingredients Jamie took the time to experiment with.


How to Make the WTF Cocktail

2 oz George Dickel Tennessee Whisky

1/2 oz Bonal Gentiane Quina

1/4 oz Créme de Cacao

1/4 oz Jagermeister

dash Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters


stir with ice

strain into a cocktail glass

garnish with lemon twist

Greg Patenaude 17 Nov 2011
11:48 am

I love it.  First Jamie uses blue curacao and now Jagermeister!  Keep it coming Jamie.  By the way, the new bar looks AWESOME!


mdoudoroff 18 Nov 2011
7:45 am

More like this please.

mdoudoroff 18 Nov 2011
7:45 am

A few words on why you think this counter-intuitive cocktail worked out would be nice.

Ginty 19 Nov 2011
3:04 am

Bonal? I’m not formiliar,... Is it like dubonnet, or Lillet? Sweet or dry vermouth? Or is it completely different from ANY of those four?

Rhett 28 Nov 2011
11:30 pm

WTF is right…
Bonal is an aperitif, yes?
but I’ve never seen it anywhere or tasted it…
Love the videos, Jamie, please keep them coming if you can!


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