Bellini Manhattan Cocktail

Combining two classics can be a great way of coming up with fun cocktail variations. In the case of the Bellini Manhattan it was really a no-brainer. There can’t be a more Southern pairing than bourbon and peaches can there!


1 1/2 oz bourbon

1/2 oz homemade peach puree

3/4 oz sweet vermouth



Shake with ice.

Strain into a martini glass.

Top with champagne.

Garnish with a maraschino cherry and edible gold flakes.


IanRafferty 18 Nov 2011
6:03 am

Interesting.  Will definately be giving this a try.  Keep them coming Kathy!

Celestino 5 Nov 2013
2:59 am

Wow I _definitely_ have to try this as well. Gotta give a big thumbs up for your bourbon choice!

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