Platinum Sparkle Cocktail

The Platinum Sparkle Cocktail is perfect for the holidays and celebrations throughout the year.


1 1/2 oz Moon Mountain Vodka

1 oz Maraska Liqueur

1/2 oz Lillet Blanc

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

splash of brut Champagne


Shake first four ingredients with ice.

Strain into a martini glass.

Top with Champagne.

Garnish with a maraschino cherry.


Jacob 12 Oct 2011
11:10 pm

Where could I buy that bottle that you poured the lemon juice out of? I’ve seen it a lot on this site but I haven’t been able to find anything on where to get it.

Kathy Casey 17 Oct 2011
8:44 am

HI Jacob, those bottles that I use I bought many years ago. I like to search antique stores, garage sales and second hand stores to find unique bottles and glasses. Thank you for watching! Best, Kathy

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