Caprice Cocktail

Essentially a Martini with the addition of Benedictine, the Caprice Cocktail is a simple and delicious drink.


1 1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz Benedictine

1/2 oz dry vermouth

dash Bitter Truth Orange Bitters


  • stir with ice
  • strain into a cocktail glass

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    George R. Welch 28 Sep 2011
    5:55 pm

    Excellent drink!  I especially love the row of Beefeater 24 bottles sitting in your window.  That’s a pretty sight :-).


    blair frodelius 29 Sep 2011
    4:23 am

    I’ve been making quite a few cocktails that call for Benedictine this month.  So much so, that I finally emptied my bottle after having it for a few years!  Turns out very few stores stock Benedictine around here, instead they only carry B&B.  I did finally find a bottle yesterday, and it was the 1510 anniversary edition.  Looks impressive on the back bar.  :)

    Robert, is B&B the first pre-mixed cocktail, and if so, how did it come to be?


    Ginty 29 Sep 2011
    9:55 am

    I don’t want to be THAT guy,... But this seems like a Ford cocktail with different proportions. Must give this one a try.

    Robert Hess 1 Oct 2011
    8:31 am

    Ginty, the ingredients for the Caprice and the Ford are the same, which will of course provide some simularities, but the key difference is a few dashes of Benedictine in the Ford, versus a full half ounc here in the Caprice, which is going to make the Caprice a lot sweeter and give it a heavy dose of character.


    Ginty 5 Oct 2011
    2:07 pm

    Too true! Tried the Caprice the other night and I have to say, what a difference! Think I prefer the Caprice, quite superior to my pallet. BUT, I still prefer the Vancouver to both of them! Haha!

    Dinah (MetaGrrrl/Bibulous) 22 Oct 2011
    8:52 am

    Nice! I particularly like how you’re now doing more commentary on aroma and taste.

    By the way, tried the Caprice with the new St. George Dry Rye gin and while it was more drinkable than some of our previous attempts* with that tricky tipple, we’re still questing for a cocktail that it really sings in.


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