Margarita Especial Cocktail

The most popular cocktail in America is the Margarita. Making one is simple. Creating a special Margarita is just as easy. Playing off the agave in the Tequila and adding agave nectar and bumping up to a reposado or añejo Tequila, as Charlotte Voisey does here, takes the Margarita to the next level.

2 oz reposado tequila 1 oz agave nectar 1 oz fresh lime juice


shake with ice strain into a rocks glass garnish with a lime wheel


blair frodelius 9 Sep 2011
5:28 pm


I’ve noticed that in both of your margarita videos, you pour the drink into an ice filled rocks glass, as opposed to up in a cocktail glass.  As well, you do not address the garnish of a salted rim. 

Are these personal choices, and if so, why?  Or is there something that I’m missing?



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