Bond St. Sparkler Cocktail

Originally created for the W Hotel in New York, the Bond St. Sparkler is the epitome of a seasonal twist on a classic champagne cocktail such as the Bellini. Add a bit of flair to your next brunch and pour a sparkler inspired by the seasonal fruits available to you. It is sure to please.


5 -6 blackberries 1 1/2 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 6 - 8 leaves fresh mint champagne


muddle the blackberries with the St. Germain add mint and shake with ice strain into a champagne flute top with champagne


Lawrence Spies 25 Aug 2011
12:33 pm

No lemon juice? Your recipe calls for it…

blair frodelius 26 Aug 2011
5:34 am


Great episode!  Love the tip about facing the champagne label towards the guest and pouring down the bar spoon.  Very practical and elegant at the same time.

I see that this is one of your original creations.  Very nice.  Will have to get to the Hotel W next time I’m in the city to try the rest of your cocktails.



CVoisey 31 Aug 2011
12:26 am


Thank you for tuning in again!  I love this drink and would love for you to try it from the very good bartenders at the W Downtown New York next time you are in the city.

Bottoms up!

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