Stephan Berg and Alex Hauck - The Bitter Truth

No one company represents the re-emurgence of bitters in cocktails better than The Bitter Truth. Having set out five years ago to bring bitters back to the forefront in cocktail making, Stephan Berg and Alex Hauck have since established themselves as the preeminent bitters company in Europe and the United States. Concoctions such as Celery, Creole and Lemon Bitters, just to name a few, they have set their eyes on the future with a line of liqueurs and the newly launched food grade Berg and Hauck’s Bitters for cooking and baking. They were at Tales of the Cocktail 2011 Hanging with Harris.


blair frodelius 17 Aug 2011
12:46 pm

Two important take-aways from this episode:

1) Celery bitters are a natural form of Viagra
2) Drinking bitters neat, produces chest hair

Ladies, stay away from bitters!!!!  :)



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