Ocean Shore Cocktail

Having no relation to the beachside Washington state town of (almost) the same name, the Ocean Shore Cocktail is nonetheless reminiscent of the sea. Its lavender blue hue topped with froth created by the addition of egg white and a good hard shake, is reminiscent of the sea. In this episode, Robert demonstrates how to make the Ocean Shore Cocktail and discusses how sloe gin is made.

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1 oz Bitter Truth Sloe Gin

1/2 oz gin

1/2 egg white

1/4 oz orgeat syrup


  • shake ingredients with ice
  • strain into a cocktail glass

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    jellydonut 5 Jul 2011
    9:16 am

    The egg almost makes it look like strawberry milkshake!

    Robert Hess, I’m sure you’ll consider this heresy, but since it’s summer and all.. What I’d LOVE to see are more gin-based long drinks. It’s okay if they’re vodka drinks I can substitute gin in. I recently acquired a bottle of G’Vine Floraison which is quite unique and I find that its floral taste doesn’t work all that well in traditional gin cocktails. I think it would be a superb vodka replacement, to add some fresh taste to summery vodka cocktails.

    mike emry 5 Jul 2011
    4:37 pm

    love the vids keep up the great work. I love those measuring cup where did you get those i would love some thanks

    daniel_ 5 Jul 2011
    5:50 pm

    Hello Robert. I’ve been watching you making cocktails in Small screen network for quite a while,  and I must say it is really enjoyable to watch the videos;  there’s always good cocktails and valuable information. Now… For me is kind of difficult to find orgeat syrup, so I was wondering if it would be too atrocious to substitute orgeat for amaretto. Are the flavours absolutely different from one another? Or is there a way to make it work.

    Mutineer Magazine 6 Jul 2011
    11:59 am

    Great video Robert!

    ricky_bobby 6 Jul 2011
    8:18 pm

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen you drink a cocktail you’ve made.  Cheers!
    (I bet those new measuring cups sure as hell have a 3/4 mark on them.)

    Mutineer Magazine 6 Jul 2011
    8:26 pm

    He drank on The Bitter Truth E**X**R and Ginger as well! :P A new trend, perhaps?

    ricky_bobby 6 Jul 2011
    9:14 pm

    you’re right. I guess I missed that.

    Chris Milligan 7 Jul 2011
    7:56 am

    Daniel—I dont mean to step on a question you asked Robert, but orgeat syrup is very easy to make and better than what you can buy.  Google “orgeat recipe” and you will find several.

    blair frodelius 7 Jul 2011
    8:19 am


    Here’s a great recipe for homemade orgeat from Daniel Shoemaker.



    Blair Frodelius

    daniel_ 7 Jul 2011
    10:46 am

    Thanks you guys! I didn’t know it was so easy to make. Furthermore there are interesting advantages if you make it at home, for example, total control over flavour and amount of sugar, which opens the door to creativity if you’re feeling adventurous.

    Thanks to Chris and Blair I’ll be making orgeat syrup any time soon. What a nice community we have here!

    KPL 10 Jul 2011
    6:55 pm

    Based on what I read from the Shoemaker recipe, is it basically making almond milk and then adding the sugar, orange blossom water, and vodka?  I’ve got a single-augur juicer that can make almond milk.

    Thanks Everyone.

    8stringfan 5 Oct 2015
    3:37 pm

    My favorite recipe for orgeat:


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