E**X**R and Ginger

What do you do when a new product arrives that you have never mixed with before? Start by tasting it and comparing it to what you know. Then, mix up a simple cocktail that will express the nuances and characteristics of the spirit or liqueur. The Bitter Truth E*X*R is wonderfully sweet with characteristics of an Italian amaro. It pairs perfectly with a spicy ginger beer!

2 oz Bitter Truth E*X*R

1/4 oz lime juice

~4 oz Ginger Beer


  • build in a tall glass with ice
  • stir
  • garnish with an orange peel

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    Ginty 28 Jun 2011
    9:45 am

    Robert!  You ACTUALLY drank!  Nice to see you enjoy your hard work!  Hahaha!

    Mutineer Magazine 28 Jun 2011
    10:36 am

    Awesome, great video Robert. I received some of this a while ago and was never quite quire what to do with it, looking forward to trying this cocktail.

    jcroach 28 Jun 2011
    10:59 am

    What kind of ginger ale/beer are you using?

    Robert Hess 28 Jun 2011
    11:23 am

    I used Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale here… which frankly is a very good ginger ale when compared to some of the more common products you might find.

    Raymond McCormick 29 Jun 2011
    6:28 am

    I noticed some new measuring cups, what brand are you using now?

    Robert Hess 29 Jun 2011
    6:31 am

    I keep forgetting that these shows aren’t released to the web in the same order I film them in. There will be an upcoming episode in which I talk about these new jiggers a bit, but in the meantime, you can find some details, as well as a link to where to get them on Amazon here:

    blair frodelius 1 Jul 2011
    5:18 am


    I use those magnetic jiggers as well, mainly for the variety of measurements.  The magnets aren’t strong enough to stay together when actively using them, but they take up less counter space when not in use.

    I’ve tried a variety of ginger ales and beers.  The best by far is Blenheim’s.  I tend to like the spice of ginger.



    Alan 15 Aug 2011
    4:36 pm

    When did you start drinking the drinks you make?

    I thought what set your show apart from others is that you didn’t drink them but rather sat them down at the end for a nice closing shot. I must say though it is nice to get some tasting notes and a bit of a review especially for rarer drinks like this.

    Robert Hess 16 Aug 2011
    5:44 am

    I always drink my own drinks…. Oh, you mean on the show… :->... We just started doing that, we thought it would help folks better understand if the drink was something they actually wanted to try or not.

    Alan 16 Aug 2011
    4:20 pm

    Robert, you bring up a good point here about drinking drinks. All of your shows have rightly focused on making the drink but I wonder about the drinking and it’s not something covered much in your book.

    When making drinks at home I like to use good large measures of booze such as your recipes however after a couple of these they have their effect! I know your quote about drinking to get drunk but have you any suggestions as to how someone can enjoy a night of mixing drinks and drinking mixed drinks without ending up too drunk to be able to mix drinks properly?

    I try to drink a pint or so of water between drinks which can help sometimes….

    Robert Hess 16 Aug 2011
    5:46 pm

    Alan, thanks for raising the issue.

    Knowing your limits, I think is very important. For me, my limit when I am out is three drinks. Seattle bartenders know this about me so much that they stop asking me if I want another after my third. There is one place however where my limit is two. But that is another story.

    Once you have a decent grasp on your limit, you can then try to adjust the amounts you use such that it gives you the freedom to experiment enough through the night so that you haven’t overendulged.


    Ginty 17 Aug 2011
    12:16 pm

    Alan!  Don’t discourage Robert from drinking his drinks!  He’s been working hard preaching the art of cocktailing, and needs to relax!  Hahaha!

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