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Of his experience behind the bar with Jim Romdall and Rocky Yeh at Needle and Thread (above Tavern Law) in Seattle, Paul Clarke of says, “My therapist thinks it’s too soon to think very much about the details of that night, plus with that Ramos Gin Fizz incident — really, who puts Ardbeg in those things? Oh, right: JIM ROMDALL — it’s probably best if I kept quiet.” Check out Paul’s Barback Profile!


blair frodelius 7 Jun 2011
11:10 am

I was wondering when they’d get around to Paul.  :)


Chuck Taggart 7 Jun 2011
12:11 pm

“It’s just a weird thing to have a legitimate journalist back here.”

Yep, the rest of us are bastards!  ;)

Congratulations, Paul. This was hands down my favorite episode so far. I can’t believe some of the stuff they had you do! They didn’t let me get anywhere near anyone’s credit card, yeesh. Hey, slow and steady wins the race!

Jake Cohen 8 Jun 2011
11:23 am

Bartender, there’s something wrong with my Ramos Gin Fizz…there’s Ardbeg in it.

Jim, you are crazy.

Andreas Stern-Peltz 1 Sep 2013
2:29 pm

here is some more inside stuff on bartending :D this is more about bartending, not barbacking but it’s still good to know :D These are some of my views, and I would love for anyone to come with their input and knowledge! I always appreciate other peoples input! :D

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