Clipper Ship Cocktail

Created for Robert’s friends at Pacific Distillery in Woodinville, WA, the Clipper Ship Cocktail is a classic sour style drink that uses unique, handcrafted spirits to create something simple yet satisfying.

4 parts Voyager Gin

2 parts St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

1 part lime juice

dash Pacifique Absinthe


Philip Heesen, III 10 May 2011
11:23 am

Sipping on this right now and it is delicious.  I’m a big fan of sweetening drinks with St. Germain (recently have been making margaritas with St. Germain instead of Cointreau recently, a nice alternative) and the dash of absinthe is very intriguing.  I’m not a big fan of anise flavors either in cooking or in absinthe but a little big goes a long way in terms of giving this drink a mysterious twist.  Thanks again Robert!

Phil Heesen
Richmond, VA

George R. Welch 17 May 2011
10:08 am


Voyager is an interesting choice of gin here, with its strong notes of cardamom and coriander.  But, it can be a little hard to find.  (Actually, very hard around here.)  Can you recommend a more widely marketed alternative?  Maybe Aviation or 209?


Rhett 14 Oct 2011
7:47 pm

oh my gosh I’ve never tried St. Germain with absinthe before, this is delicious…
I have to be very sparing with my St. Germain though, it runs $65 per bottle in B.C.!! How much can you get it for south of the border?

JT Thomas 18 Feb 2013
9:17 pm

Rhett, Runs a little more than half that in American Dollars in Virginia (Just under 40 bucks.  And we’re close to parity now, currency wise, nu?) Worth it at any reasonable price, though.

Rhett 20 Feb 2013
3:51 pm

We’ve been basically the same for years now, with Canadian being worth more for quite a while too. The biggest issue for us in B.C. is taxation, where it’s not only the highest in Canada but products are also taxed higher if they’re priced higher (so a $20 item in the US may only be $22-25 here, but a $100 item could be $300 here, for example). St. Germain is only ~$45 in Alberta. 
Availability is also an issue as many companies aren’t interested in distributing in Canada due to the aforementioned tax issues, among others. My bar is stuck with smuggling many great products (creme de violette, Cocchi Americano, any good vermouth, etc) from Seattle when we get the chance.
It’s quite a wonder we have such a thriving cocktail scene here in Vancouver.

And yes, St. Germain is still worth the price tag ;)


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