Celery Sipper Cocktail

Spring has sprung and it is time to discover light and refreshing cocktails to be sipped in the sunshine. Most often used as a garnish, celery is often overlooked as an ingredient. Its vegetal aroma and flavor is off-putting to some but combined with a touch of acid and a bit of sweetness, then spread evenly with vodka, it creates a backbone of flavor that is at once robust and refreshing.

2 oz Abslout Vodka

3 Tbsp. chopped celery

1/4 oz lime juice

1/4 oz simple syrup



add vodka and celery to a mixing tin and muddle

add lime juice, syrup and ice


strain into a Collins glass

top with soda


blair frodelius 12 Apr 2011
9:17 am


I was thinking a whole cherry tomato might make a nice garnish and work well with the flavor profile.  Great drink!


Blair Frodelius

Perry 12 Apr 2011
4:25 pm

I’m a celery nut.  I’m terribly excited to try this cocktail. Celery bitterness varies so much from head to head. I’ll be curious to see how the produce variation effects the final product. Garnish w/ celery leaves/top?
Also, I’ve got some celery bitters and will try adding a dash. Nice PUG muddler btw.
P Dubya

Ian Picco 25 May 2011
4:06 pm

I just tried this cocktail with a few substitutes because I couldn’t wait to try it. I used Fee’s Celery Bitters instead of fresh celery, and ginger ale instead of soda, because that is all all I had on hand. Sipping on it now, and it is quite delicious. I am interested to see the difference when I have all the appropriate ingredients on hand.

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