Embalmer Cocktail

Thyme has many uses, the most obvious being culinary. Because of its antiseptic qualities, in ancient times, it was used as an embalming agent. No doubt the aromatics aided in suppressing odors related to the decomposition of the body. Here, Jamie uses thyme strictly as an aromatic. Although, it may help preserve your liver!

1 1/2 oz Abslout Vodka

3/4 oz Yellow Chartreuse

1/2 oz lime juice

leaves from 2 - 3 sprigs of thyme


shake with ice

double strain into a collins glass

top with Champagne

garnish with a thyme sprig


Chris Milligan 5 Apr 2011
6:55 am

Where did you get that great jigger?

Robert Hess 5 Apr 2011
7:22 am

Chris, Jamie is using an antique jigger here. Specifically one made by “Napier”, just bing “Napier Jigger”, and look at the images, and you’ll see several different jiggers that they produced. You can periodically find these jiggers available on eBay, but I don’t see any there at the moment (at least not searching for “napier jigger”, somebody might have posted one without the “napier” keyword).

Greg Patenaude 5 Apr 2011
7:59 am


Please, please, where did you get the tea strainer!  I’ve been looking everywhere for one just like it.  Altough I’m not a big vodka fan, this looks very tasty.  As soon as I grow some of my own thyme I’m trying this one.


Jamie Boudreau 5 Apr 2011
9:18 am

Robert is right, ebay and antique stores are the best way to find. Don’t search for Napier or you’ll likely miss one. I’ve finally found a back-up and it wasn’t listed under Napier so it took many hours of searching. Also, due to its fantastic usability and rareness, expect to pay around $50.
The tea strainer was just found in a local kitchen supply store. There are many brands available, but try to find one that isn’t too finely woven.

Jeff Johnson 23 May 2011
8:34 am

Jamie,  As an embalmer by trade and cocktail enthusiast (as often as I can), I appreciate the research you did on thyme.  I didn’t learn that in mortuary school, but it is interesting none the less.  Thanks.  This one brought a smile to my face.

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