DeCaro Sartoria Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers - Seattle

You can buy a suit anywhere. We all have them. Something that is just a little bit too long in the sleeve or too roomy in the middle. Gian DeCaro of DeCaro Sartoria Custom Tailors in Seattle wipes his nose with suits like these. A second generation tailor, Gian might seem abrasive or even dismissive to some. To his clients, some of the top executives at almost every major company you have ever heard of as well as elite athletes in baseball, football and basketball, don’t mind. They just stand at the mirror and sip an espresso or a single-malt scotch and watch as Gian creates a bespoke work of art from fine silks, wools and cottons from Italy and Britain. These are suits and garments that make a statement. They are so fine, “you don’t even need a woman,” as Gian likes to say.
Billy couldn’t afford a suit, but he did get some advice from Gian on taking his own suit to the next level with a touch of color.


Brian Danzig 29 Mar 2011
7:11 am

A well made custom suit can make you look 10 pounds lighter and 3 inches taller. . .but “feels so nice you don’t need a woman?” That’s a lapel too far! Loved the red tab collar jacket and the blue silk rock-n-roller sport coat. Are those available at Gian DeCaro’s store?

Great segment.

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