The Zakuski Plate - Lessons on Vodka

Vodka’s roots go deep in Northern and Eastern Europe and across Russia. Originally intended for medicinal use and referred to for centuries as “grain wine” before become the “water of life”, it has certainly come a long way since such humble beginnings. Vodka is a part of daily life throughout much of the world and is, by far, the most consumed spirit on the planet. The zakuski (meaning morsel or little bite in Russian) plate made up of salted and cured meats and vegetables, is typically served with chilled vodka in Russia to guests before a larger meal. Chris Patino of Absolut Vodka demonstrates this traditional pairing and adds a twist with the “World’s Fastest Bloody Mary”.


blair frodelius 24 Mar 2011
8:25 am


I’ve been considering the idea of always pairing a cocktail with a small appetizer on the side for awhile now.  To me it makes sense to 1) keep the guest from getting too inebriated and 2) to profile the balance of flavors that can be achieved with food and beverage.

Great video!


Blair Frodelius

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