Top Pot Doughnuts - Mark Klebeck

Doughnuts have become commoditized. They are pumped out of machines and distributed to chains, who will remain nameless, without ever touching the hands of a baker. Simple chunks of dough with little personality, these rings of processed ingredients do very little to enhance a customers morning ritual. They are simply filler.
Enter Top Pot Doughnuts. Top Pot Hand Forged Doughnuts are the opposite of a commodity; they are an investment in pleasure and artisan baking. From their famously addictive Maple Bars and classic Sourdough Old Fashioneds to the ostentatious Feather Boa, each doughnut should be savored and shared, right along with a cup of Top Pot’s in-store roasted coffee. To find out more, Billy hung out with Co-Founder Mark Klebeck.


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