Black Donald Cocktail

The Tom Collins is probably the most recognizable highball style cocktail. Another classic highball is the El Diablo. The Black Donald is essentially an El Diablo using Scotch in place of Tequila and Drambuie in place of Creme de Cassis. Grab your nearest bottle of single malt and give it a go!

1 1/2 oz Balvenie Double Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky

3/4 oz Drambuie

3/4 oz lime juice

ginger beer


shake first three ingredients with ice

strain into an ice filled collins glass

top with ginger beer

garnish with a lime wheel


Max H. 25 Jan 2011
12:20 pm

Nice twist on the El Diablo! I’d be interested in more cocktails using Single Malts as ingredients.

blair frodelius 3 Feb 2011
9:19 am


Where can I order one of the spoon straws?


Blair Frodelius

Robert Hess 3 Feb 2011
9:39 am

I see these “spooon straws” semi regularly at well stocked kitchen stores. But you can also find them online at…


or Sur La Table:

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