Inside the Kitchen Door - Episode One - Part One

Cocktails and their myriad incarnations lend themselves very well to food pairing. In this inaugural episode of Inside the Kitchen Door, Chef and Host Andrew Lanier discusses the art of pairing food and cocktails. This often over looked realm of cuisine, most often left to wine, is an absolute necessity when preparing any restaurant or dinner party menu. In particular, Chef Lanier looks at Maker’s Mark Bourbon and draws on its flavor profile when creating a savory dish.


Michael 19 Jan 2010
9:42 am

I think that this is a marvelous dish, and I would love to make it at home, but you do not provide a printable recipe. I have been watching a lot of Robert Hess on the Small Screen Network, and he provides an elegant recipe that I can print and take with me into my kitchen. Without a recipe, I would have to sit with a pen and paper, and watch the chef cook, and try to guess’timate how much of everything he used.

Can we get some recipes?

Andrew Lanier 1 Feb 2010
9:33 pm

Look for recipes soon on the “Inside the Kitchen Door with Chef Andrew Lanier” page on Facebook.  Due to the length of the recipes and their complexity, I can’t always guarantee accompanying recipes, but I will do my best to make them available.  (Also, the recipe testing process is very lengthy, and I want to make sure that any recipes I put forward are accurate and doable in a home kitchen).

Ian 28 Mar 2010
4:52 pm

Ah, so I’ve been sitting here smiling as I watch this. That’s a very complex sauce with a long preparation. How do you do that in a restaurant setting? I’m guessing you make the sauce in advance and keep it ready for when someone orders the dish?

Andrew Lanier 31 Mar 2010
11:22 am

Glad you enjoyed!  Yes, in the restaurant we make this sauce ahead of time, keep it warm, and then finish it with the diced bacon, golden raisins etc. to order.
One of the goals we had for “Inside the Kitchen Door” was to take our viewers behind the scenes to explore in depth what goes into creating the dishes our diners enjoy.
The bourbon sauce is just one example. Many more to come, thanks for watching!

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