How to Make a Martini

The classic martini is elegant and refined yet simple in its basic elements. A certainty when serving this classic cocktail is that it must be cold. But, how does one keep the drink at temperature once it has entered the hands of a guest? Jamie shows you how with flare and distinction.


2 oz gin 1 oz dry vermouth dash orange bitters


Stir with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with lemon zest garnish.


blair frodelius 17 Jun 2009
4:24 am


Where can I buy the chilling set?


PS - Great stirring technique!  What a time saver!

Joao Eusebio 17 Jun 2009
4:55 am

hi Jamie
great work w this cocktail! I work in Barcelona at this bar, where u could have half dry martinis, kind of 2 for 1!! the customer would have his first half and then would ask for his second dry martini!! but like this idea very much! Love ur videos
all the best
blair, they say ebay is a good spot to find this kind of stuff!

Robert Hess 17 Jun 2009
4:55 am

Blair, what Jamie is using for his “chilling set” here (I assume you mean the glass decanter in ice), is what is known as a “Cocktail Decanter” (Libbey makes them in a couple different sizes) simply nestled into crushed ice in a large tumbler or Old Fashioned glass.

A quick spin on the internet doesn’t immediately show anybody selling the decanters in “one-offs”, but in cases of 3 dozen… which probably doesn’t help you any :->

Jake 17 Jun 2009
5:00 am

I"ve only used orange bitters when garnishing with a twist.  Is it commonplace to pair orange bitters with the briney green olives?

Robert Hess 17 Jun 2009
5:08 am

Jake, Prior to Prohibition it would be difficult to find a Martini which didn’t include orange bitters, regardless of the garnish. These day’s the bartenders using orange bitters in their Martini’s are few and far between, but as you no doubt have discovered with your “lemon twist” Martini’s, it really makes the drink.

Chris Milligan 17 Jun 2009
1:06 pm

Amen, Robert

Trevor 17 Jun 2009
4:18 pm

Great videos, Jamie.  I have to know, where can I get one of those stainless steal jiggers that you use?  I have one exactly like it from OXO, but it’s clear plastic.  Thanks!

Robert Hess 18 Jun 2009
3:58 am

Trevor, What Jamie is using is also an OXO mini angled measuring cup, just made out of steel and not acrylic. While it’s not as widely available as the acrylic one, it can still be found in some kitchen stores. You can also find it on Amazon here:

The steel measure does have a nicer look to it than the acrylic, but the measure marks are in a dark gray against the steel, and I find harder to see, especially in a dark bar environment. So I personally prefer the acrylic model. Now if OXO were to mark the measures in a more visible way (and add a 3/4 oz mark), then I’d be all over it.

Greg B. Carlstrom 29 Jul 2009
8:28 pm

These might be what Jamie is using:

Greg B. Carlstrom 30 Jul 2009
8:34 am

Here is a 3 oz. version.

Do you know, off hand, who makes the other glass utilized in the decanter chiller set?

Thanks Jamie!

Michael 19 Jan 2010
10:00 am

This is an excellent segment on Martini service. I think I’ve watched every single Robert Hess cocktail segment, and have gleaned a lot of information that has made all the difference in my home cocktail preparation.

But now, after watching Jamie’s segment, I feel like this will take my drinks to even the next level. Awesome!!!

Federico Cuco 1 Jun 2010
5:56 pm

your way to serve a Martini cocktail, it seems great.
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

Federico, I’m a bartender in Buenos Aires. Argentina

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