21st Century Cocktail

The 20th Century cocktail has been around for… well… about a century. Isn’t it time we had something a little more up-to-date? Jim Meehan, of PDT in New York City, felt the same way, and so he came up with this delightful variation that is well worth trying. I appreciate it because it uses tequila, and I personally think the world needs a few more good tequila cocktail recipes.



1 1/2 oz Tequila

3/4 oz lemon juice

3/4 oz creme de cacao


Rinse cocktail glass with Absinthe.

Shake remaining ingredients with ice.

Strain into prepared cocktail glass.


blair frodelius 22 Jun 2009
11:03 am

Rather apropos considering that Tequila has supplanted Gin in recent years.  The 20th century has been on my “A” list for awhile, I’ll have to give this one a try.

By the way Robert, I like the idea of using an atomizer for the absinthe rinse.  Any particular brand you’d recommend?



Robert Hess 22 Jun 2009
11:31 am

For an absinthe rinse, I’d recommend going with a good quality Absinthe, like one from the Jade lineup, or Marteau, or Pacifique. Since you’re only using a small amount, you might as well go with the good stuff! :->

blair frodelius 23 Jun 2009
3:22 am

Mr. M. Farm,

There is a new chocolate infused tequila that you may want to try.  You can read my review at GoodSpiritsNews.spaces.live.com


Blair Frodelius

Ian 26 Jun 2009
4:51 pm

I don’t know, what can I say? ... Eeew!

Somehow this just doesn’t work for me. That combination of flavors somehow collides rather than mixes harmoniously. Maybe something went wrong with my combination of ingredients, but I can’t see myself making another one.

Sorry. Not everything can be a winner for everyone I guess.

Robert Hess 26 Jun 2009
5:34 pm

Ian, not all cocktails are going to appeal to everybody, so it could be that this cocktail just isn’t for you. However some cocktails are also less forgiving in how their ingredients are put together than others are.  This reminds me of the “Floridita” cocktail (http://www.smallscreennetwork.com/video) which also includes creme de cacao. That cocktail, when properly prepared, is one that I often refer to as my “Cosmo Killer”, in that folks who might otherwise blindly order cosmo, after cosmo, after cosmo, will find to be a wonderful alternative. However, if you aren’t careful with the ingredients, it can be downright nasty.

With the 21st Century, make sure you aren’t getting too much absinthe into the mix, nor getting the cacao/juice mixture out of whack. But again, it could just be thta this drink isn’t your style.

IanRafferty 6 Jul 2009
7:24 am

An interesting range of opinions.  Well, Im off to source a good white/silver tequila this evening before my shift.  So, armed with this, I shall attempt both the 21st Century cocktail and the Diablo.  I shall let you know my thoughts.

Nick L. 6 Nov 2010
3:25 pm

What an interesting drink.  Absinthe in the nose, lemon and tequila on the initial taste, and a mild finish of chocolate.  When I made this, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I quite like it.

Very surprising!

jellydonut 26 Jul 2011
8:04 am

This is a bit funny.. Well, at least I found it funny.

I didn’t have absinthe, nor did I have tequila. I decided that substituting absinthe with linieaquavit for the anise/herbal dash, and tequila with cuban rum, would be fine.

Then when I got to the kitchen I had a brain fart and juiced a lime instead of a lemon. So I pretty much made a cocktail with these proportions, but with Havana Club blanco, lime juice, creme de cacao and aquavit to wash the glass. Pretty much an entirely wrong drink.

It isn’t too bad though!

8stringfan 23 Oct 2012
5:58 pm

Drinking one of these now, and really loving it.  Used Don Julio Silver (a terrific tequila and great value)  and Pernod, because I tend to subscribe to the view that if you don’t like absinthe, and will only be using small amounts as rinses, you shouldn’t go expensive.  I’m okay with tequila, but I’m not a fanatic, and I hate licorice/absinthe/pastis, so when I find a drink that manages to make me love the combination of those flavors, I tend to think it is quite well done.

Zakhia 18 Dec 2013
4:03 pm

Tried it but dissapointed chocolate does not go well with lemon would try a variation with orange which better compliments chocolate.

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