How to Shake a Cocktail

In this episode of Raising the Bar, Jamie demonstrates when and how you should shake a cocktail.


blair frodelius 25 Mar 2009
11:00 am


Another very practical and educational segment.  I had to refrain from saying “that’s what she said” several times during your explanation of how to separate the glass from the tin however.  :)

I noticed you didn’t bother showing a three part shaker.  Thank you!  Nothing but frustration with those contraptions.

Oh, and the quick breakaway to explain where the container should be facing to protect the guest is something every bartender should know.  Good one!



Dinah (MetaGrrrl/Bibulous) 26 Mar 2009
8:56 pm

Agreed. Another great and practical episode!

Coquetelle 29 Mar 2009
1:49 pm


These videos are interesting and educative. It’s good to have the recipes, the historical details, and the technical details together on this web site, presented to us in moving images.

However, it’s been a long time since you didn’t post on your blog. I’m missing your inovative mixology!

BTW, I would be very interested in knowing a good mixology forum to share idea and information about cocktails. Do you (or anybody here) know one?


Robert Hess 29 Mar 2009
2:02 pm


You might want to check out the discussion forum I’ve started up over at, there is a good group of bartenders as well as dedicated cocktailians from around the world.


Coquetelle 29 Mar 2009
5:36 pm


Thank you, this website seems to be exactly what I want.
BTW, Jamie’s are not the only episodes that are of interest here. Yours are also particularly useful for understanding the evolution of cocktails and why we do things how we do them. I like to impress my friends with my knowledge about the history of the cocktails I make (which, in fact, comes mostly from you ;-) ).


Paul 2 Jun 2009
5:14 am

What’s the next best Ice machine to the Kold-Draft? They’re out of my price range and I hear they aren’t reliable, does anyone out there have any suggestions?

Michael 19 Jan 2010
10:21 am

Awesome segment. I never knew that about where to tap the shaker to get it apart. I have always tapped it (much harder I might add) on the opposite side where there is a large space between the glass and the tin. My way will still get it open, but you have to really smack it, and sometimes you have to smack it multiple times.

Your way seems to work every time, and is elegant and sophisticated. I love it.

I’ve seen bartenders tapping shakers on the edge of the bar, or with muddle sticks. I’ve even seen a bartender shatter the glass part by slamming it into the side of the bar. Lame.

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