Pink Gin Cocktail

Nothing could be simpler, gin and bitters. It may not be a drink I’d recommend to somebody just getting interested in cocktails, but once you’ve grown accustomed to the normal lineup, it’s a great drink to try. The amount of bitters can easily be adjusted either up or down depending on your tastes.


1 1/2 oz gin

3 or more dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters


Stir with ice.

Strain into cocktail glass.


Chris Milligan 16 Mar 2009
11:18 am

Excellent, Robert.  I first discovered the Pink Gin from an episode of Cheers years ago.  This was the first drink, oddly enough, that turned me on to gin.  I just did a post a week or so ago on bitters, and talked about the appreciation of bitters being the last palate sensation to develop.  I was about the age that happens when I saw the Cheers episode, and this is still my favorite gin drink.


Victor Nordel 17 Mar 2009
12:54 am

Love this site! Very interesting. The first strainer you show “the special strainer” the one that looks like a hawthorn but without prongs. Is that a vintage strainer? Ive been looking for one of those in a long time and it’s practicly impossible. You got any tips where I can find one?


Robert Hess 17 Mar 2009
5:37 am

@Chris, Who’d a thunk you could learn about a classic cocktail from watching “Cheers”! :->

@Victor, The strainer I am using in this episode it thankfully something you can order! It is available here in the US from David Nepove, aka “Mr. Mojito” at his website here:, I’d also recommend picking up the “Mixing Glass with Lip”, which I am also using on this episode.

Victor Nordel 17 Mar 2009
5:50 am

Thanks Robert!! I’ll check it out! Ever in London swing by Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club for a drink.


Josh 23 Mar 2009
10:34 am

Robert, I’ve watched most of your episodes and really enjoy them alot, thanks. I was thinking of purchasing the strainer and mixing glass you use in this episode from Mr. Mojito, but I was wondering how well a julep strainer works with the Mr. Mojito mixing glass with lip, and how well the Mr. Mojito strainer works with a regular boston shaker metal base? Appreciate the help.

Robert Hess 23 Mar 2009
1:00 pm

The “Mr. Mojito” mixing glass I am using is larger than a normal mixing glass, and so a julep strainer is way too small. The hawthorn strainer that I use here fits perfectly in it, and is a tad larger than a normal hawthorne strainer. I would highly recommend getting both the mixing glass and strainer as a set. And for your Boston shaker tin, I’d recommend using an OXO hawthorne strainer.

Josh 24 Mar 2009
3:13 am

Robert, thanks. That’s exactly the type of answer I was looking for. Salud!

oliver 31 Mar 2009
2:09 am

Robert, where was the pink gin first published?
I remember it was first made with Plymouth Gin which in my opinion fits perfect to angostura. And wasn`t it shaked not stirred?

Robert Hess 31 Mar 2009
4:07 am

I’m not sure where the recipe for Pink Gin first showed up in print, but the drink was around for a while before whenever that might have been. It was a simple favorite amongst the British Royal Navy, where they would have used whatever gin they would have had on hand… which woud often have been Plymouth.

Being a drink made of all transparent/clear ingredients, the Pink Gin should of course be stirred and not shaken. If the first “published” recipe called for it being shaken, then they got it wrong… or at least that’s my take on it :->

Scott S 7 Apr 2009
6:17 pm

I made this for the first time tonight but instead of angostura I used peychaud’s bitters with bombay sapphire gin and it was fantastic.  I never would have though to drink something as simple as gin with bitters.

JM 22 Jun 2013
2:15 pm

I just happened to do a search for Peychaud’s bitters and gin and lo and behold…  Guess I know what I’m making this evening.  I’ll be using Ford’s gin, which I haven’t had before.  My favorite so far is Floraison by viGne, followed by Monkey 47, but then I haven’t tried them all yet.

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