Cabaret Cocktail

Benedictine is one of those products which often just seems to gather dust on most bars shelves. When asked, most bartenders only know that it is used in a “B&B” which is why you’ll normally see “B&B” on the back shelf instead of “Benedictine”. The Cabaret is an excellent way to use Benedictine and grow accustomed to its unique flavor.


1 oz gin

3/4 oz dry vermouth

1/4 oz Benedictine

2 dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters


Stir with ice.

Strain into cocktail glass.

Garnish with cherry.


Mike S. 14 Mar 2009
9:21 pm

Looks good!  I noticed you’re using the “old” U.S. formula Noilly Prat dry vermouth.  Any sense of how this one would work with the “new” to the U.S. formula?  So far, I’ve found that I really like the new stuff in most things except a classic American-style Dry Martini.

Robert Hess 15 Mar 2009
5:11 am

Unfortuantely we still only have the “old” stuff here in WA. I’m looking forward to getting the chance to try the new stuff.

steve7500 30 May 2012
12:43 pm

I have converted to DOLINS and find this perfect for my taste. It is not available everywhere but it’s online for sure.

Rhett 26 Jun 2012
11:35 pm

Dolin is easily one of my favourite vermouths. The word on the street is that it will finally be available in Canada (well, B.C. anyway) somewhat soon, so I won’t have to keep smuggling mine in from Seattle…

Robert, is this an original of yours?



steve7500 27 Jun 2012
10:22 am

Rhett, My wife is from Vancouver (Burnaby) and I live in the suburbs of Detroit,so I have spent many an hour in ONTARIO doing in reverse what you are doing in BC. There is a bakery in Vanc. (downtown) that every time somebody is going or coming,bring me a cake !
I just today bought a new bottle of Dolins,Rouge - I ran out last night. Robts clip on the WET MARTINI is a gem. I use PLYMOUTH GIN,DOLINS ROUGE, & FEE BROS.ORANGE BITTERS. This is the best MARTINI ! I am szold on PLYMOUTH GIN,very smooth but in the WINE store this morning I noticed it is up to $33 from $30 2 weeks ago.Whats new,eh ? Any way,best to you..

Robert Hess 27 Jun 2012
1:47 pm


No, this drink is not one of my own. I think I first encountered this drink by way of Paul Harrington and HotWired’s “Cocktail Time” website. The Savoy Cocktail Book lists a Cabaret cocktail with a fairly different recipe. So I’m not quite sure where/when this one hails from, I’ll have to dig into my library. I know it does show up in the Jones Complete Bar Guide, so it is at least from before 1977.

Dolin is indeed an excellent vermouth, although a little on the pricey side if you are used to Noilly and Martini & Rossi.

Word is just getting out now that Noilly Pratt is going to “bring back” the dry vermouth we used to get.

As this blog entry states, the dry vermouth we used to get was one that was only distributed in the US, and was specifically because our usage of vermouth was as an additive to Martinis (and some other drinks, although back then it was almost strictly for Martinis), while in Europe they typically drink it on its own on the rocks, with a twist.

So the vermouth they switched us to a few years back is one that works really well on its own, but not so well when mixed in (some) drinks.


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