Cucumber Lavender Sour

In this very special episode, Charlotte Voisey of Hendrick’s Gin and William Grant & Sons mixes her original Cucumber Lavender Sour. This is soon to become a classic summer refresher.


1 1/2 oz Hendrick’s Gin

1/4 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquor

3/4 oz Sonoma Lavender Syrup

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

2 slices cucumber

dash lavender bitters


  • Muddle cucumber with lavender syrup
  • Add other ingredients and shake well
  • Serve over ice in a tall glass
  • Garnish with a fresh lavender bud and a slice of cucumber

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    blair frodelius 4 Mar 2009
    11:47 am


    I have Canton Ginger Liqueur and Domaine de Canton Liqueur, but would Bols ginger brandy suffice?



    Harry W. Reineke IV 4 Mar 2009
    6:31 pm

    Okay, now where did the Alternate formats menu go?  I’m still having trouble with this new player actually playing videos.

    Harry W. Reineke IV 4 Mar 2009
    6:33 pm

    This might be a nevermind.  Seems to be showing now that I played with some of the player settings.

    Gary Westfall 5 Mar 2009
    12:10 pm

    Looks like a great drink, but where could one find lavender bitters?  Could you use something else in it’s place?

    xcorvis 5 Mar 2009
    5:24 pm

    Where did the WMV and Quicktime feeds go?

    Gary Westfall 6 Mar 2009
    9:51 am

    And the Ipod download!  Nothing better than putting onto my Ipod before going out and giving it to the bartender to try the out the drink.

    Small Screen Colin 6 Mar 2009
    10:54 am

    The iPod/iPhone and Apple TV downloads are under the Podcasts section to the right of the player. You must be registered as a member to access them. These files are in m4v format and can be downloaded using Quicktime or iTunes. We highly recommend using these files with iTunes; they look fantastic!

    Due to high costs of data transfer we have removed wmv and mp4. We are sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

    Robert Hess 6 Mar 2009
    2:10 pm

    What? What? No more WMV Files? but… but… sigh…

    xcorvis 9 Mar 2009
    12:30 pm

    After watching a couple of the new “ipod” format, I’m going to have to switch to the “AppleTV” feed. If I recall the sizes correctly, that’s going to about triple the size of the downloads for me compared to the old quicktime feed, which had a great balance between size and quality. I don’t think you’re going to save any bandwidth there…

    Back on topic, the Cucumber Lavender Sour calls for some pretty exotic ingredients. I know it won’t be the same, but is there a “dumbed down” version?

    Tomek Roehr 10 Mar 2009
    1:42 am

    Gary - you can get the Lavender Bitters (and 6 other wonderful flavours) from Bob aka Robert himself since they are now called Bob’s Bitters at this address: info at nijizaki dot com. They’re 12GBP for a 100ml bottle if I remember correctly. Jay did a very thorough write up on them a while back on Oh Gosh. They are REALLY tasty :)

    Michael 2 Jan 2010
    2:56 pm

    Does anyone have a recipe for making lavender syrup from scratch? I have access to a health food store where I can buy lavender leaves in bulk, which means, I can buy .0002 of an ounce or 200 lbs. So I’d much rather buy $1.00 worth of Lavender leaves and make a small batch of lavender syrup myself, then purchase a $30 of Sonama Lavender Syrup.

    Anyone know a recipe?

    Brandon Morgan 23 Mar 2010
    12:37 pm

    I used lavender leaves and blossoms from my garden. About 1/4 teaspoon fresh leaves, maybe 3 or 4 blossoms. Then added it to my simple syrup mix. Came out a little light on the lavender flavor. Play with it to get the taste you desire. This drink is marvelous. I did muddle a stick or 2 of fresh ginger root with the cucumber, and double strained into my sour glass. I did not have lavender bitters, so I used peychaud’s aromatic bitters instead.

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