Tasting Rum in New Orleans

Natalie heads into the tasting room at Old New Orleans Rum with general Manager Ben Gersh.


Dominik MJ aka the opinionated alchemist 19 Jun 2009
6:23 pm

Hm I am not convinced about this kinda artisanal production…

First of all, the selection what they have is just… boring!
White rum, dark rum, spiced rum… its not, that I don’t find good competitive spirits for that.

Adding vanilla to white rum? I am not absolutely sure, but this might be illegal in most of the rum producing countries. And there is no need, to highlight, how small the quantities are - alcohol is an excellent taste enhancer - adding only a little bit goes a long way!

I would say it is a small and charming producer, but not everything which is small and not industrial is directly artisan!

These are just some thoughts from an opinionated mind!

Lawrence Spies 16 Aug 2010
11:56 am

I don’t know Dominick, This rum sounds pretty good, although further research will be needed, to make a informed decision…

Nathaniel Smith 4 Oct 2011
3:34 am

The spiced rum certainly sounded good to me. The rest seemed pretty basic, sure, but there’s not a whole lot you can do with rum without ruining the flavor, and I think they are trying to avoid adding artificial flavors like lime flavored rum.

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