Voyager Cocktail

This represents my entry into the classic Tiki cocktail arena. Since those Polynesian inspired restaurants were intended as a mini-vacation, I felt the name “Voyager” worked really well… or perhaps it’s because I’m a big Star Trek fan… either way, it’s a great drink.


2 oz gold rum

1/2 oz lime juice

1/2 oz Benedictine

1/2 oz falernum

2 dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters


  • shake with ice
  • pour into glass over ice
  • garnish with a lime wedge
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    Ivan R.S. 16 Dec 2008
    7:08 pm

    “White Russian” Episode Please!!!

    Scott 8 Jan 2009
    2:17 pm

    This looks like a pretty good cocktail. I’ll have to try it out once I pick up some Benedictine.

    And since we’re making requests, I’d like to see you tackle the Navy Grog in a future show.

    Justin Victor 8 Sep 2009
    6:26 am

    Excellent! looking drink!  As soon as my Falernum arrives from Kegworks I will be trying one of these.

    Thanks Robert for all of your advice and information.

    Chris CV 6 Oct 2010
    7:19 pm

    I loved this drink, but I tweaked it by using half gold rum and half dark. I really liked the extra flavor from the Gosling’s.

    Ginty 10 Apr 2011
    2:09 pm

    Respect to the Trek!

    Dwight B. 26 Aug 2011
    11:25 am

    Nice touch with the NASA shot glass used to measure the lime juice :-)

    Philip Heesen, III 8 Dec 2011
    2:22 pm

    Sipping on this one right now and it really is excellent.  It’s certainly a tiki drink but with a nice little surprise from the Benedictine, which adds an interesting herbal note.  Ah, I love tiki drinks in the winter.  Next I’ll be whipping up the Jolly Roger.

    Philip Heesen, III 8 Dec 2011
    2:29 pm

    Of course, it isn’t winter quite yet.  Perhaps the rum has gone to my head.

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