Scorpion Bowl Cocktail

This classic “Communal” libation is a classic served at many Tiki inspired lounges, but the original comes from Trader Vic himself. While the recipe changed some over the years, this version from the 1960’s is often pointed to as the best.


6 oz orange juice

4 oz lemon juice

1 1/2 oz orgeat syrup

6 oz light rum

1 oz brandy


Blend all ingredients with ice.

Pour over ice into scorpion bowl.

Serve with long straws.


Blair Frodelius 4 Nov 2008
5:56 am


Can you name a few online sources for tiki mug/bowl reproductions?



Kimberly Patton-Bragg 4 Nov 2008
7:09 am

Simple and Delicious! Maybe I’ll make this one for the Election night party! Off to shop for a bowl!with

Robert Hess 4 Nov 2008
8:06 am

Blair, Hmmmm…. don’t know anybody named Bob around here, but I can answer your question :->

I have picked up a lot of my various Tiki barware and such from Bosco (, plus you can even get some authentic Trader Vic barware here:


McKenzie 11 Dec 2008
4:00 pm

Hey Robert thanks for the vid!  However I still haven’t been able to replicate the same “Scorpion” I have loved at a local Chinese Restaurant called Ho Wah.  I have to say I was a little disappointed with this version…It tasted as if something was missing.  I think at Ho Wah they may have used the Scorpion mix and triple sec along with the rum(s)...

Still serching,


Robert Hess 11 Dec 2008
4:25 pm

LIke many of these “exotic cocktails”, there are most likely several different drinks going by the name “Scorpion Bowl” floating about.

The version provided here is based on an authentic recipe from Trader Vic’s. You may want to simply ask the folks at Ho Wah how they make theirs. If they use a “Scorpion Mix”, then that could be a little scary :->... Just like the soups you get from a restaurant shouldn’t come from a can, the drinks you get at a bar shouldn’t come from a mix.

Blair Frodelius 11 Dec 2008
4:35 pm

I’ve seen a mezcal under the brand name of scorpion.  Each bottle comes with a preserved scorpion inside, similar to the worm found inside of bottles of Monte Alban.  DO NOT USE THIS AS “SCORPION MIX”!

My little mixology joke of the day.


McKenzie 12 Dec 2008
2:13 pm

Thanks for the follow up Robert…The Ho Wah Restaurant has been closed for about 25 years now.  The building isn’t even there any more.  It has been demolished and replaced with a Coldwell Banker building.  You are most likely correct mentioning they most likely had their own recipe.  Oh well moving on…

p.s I seen your Mai Tai vid and I appreciate the fact you make it correctly and pronounce Orgeat the correct way..

jmgiii 17 Sep 2009
9:42 am

The video’s not coming up… :-(

Steven D. Lauria 11 Mar 2012
6:55 pm

Hi Robert,
Regarding the amount of ice you blend, I noticed that you use three scoops…but I’m not sure how big your scoop is. Can you tell me about how many ounces of ice cubes you are using in your blender?

Robert Hess 11 Mar 2012
7:40 pm

Steven, The scoop I am using here is “about” 1 1/2 cup in size.


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