Partner Series: Common Man Cocktails with Derrick Schommer

Why is Common Man Cocktails different? We present in a "show" format, get to know the host, ask questions and get answers fast. We taste each cocktail for flavor profile and explain the experience you will get if you build it. Derrick is not a bartender nor does he claim to be one. Common Man Cocktails is all about making cocktails for your own enjoyment.

Partner Series: GastroLab

Everything for food and cooking lovers - learn basic cooking skills and create amazing yet simple dishes. Weekly uploads with a mix of classics, exotic dishes from around the world and new creations!

Partner Series: Vooza

Vooza is a video comic strip about the startup world. Or as one fan wrote, “It’s the ‘Spinal Tap’ of startups.” Each week, we release a new video at for our audience of tech-minded folks (i.e. programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, copywriters, social media pimps, etc.).

Partner Series: Whisky Chef

Singlemalt TV travels with Martine Nouet through Scotland and Paris in search of the best foods to complement Scotch Whisky's many varied expressions. Martine talks with leading chefs, visits some of the leading artisanal and craft producers in Scotland and Paris and cooks delicious recipes that pair well with Scotch or use the barley spirit as an ingredient.

Partner Series: The Process by The Skool

The Process, a series produced by The Skool, teaches business to creatives. Whether it’s process, sales, confidence or leadership we do it with entertaining and actionable videos and workshops.

Partner Series: Better Cocktails at Home

Our goal is to advance the art of the cocktail at home through beautiful, smart videos. Brian Johnson covers technique, history, classic cocktails, modern cocktails, and original cocktails with weekly videos. You should never let a lack of knowledge stop you from drinking better cocktails at home! Join us as we explore the world of cocktails.

Partner Series: Great Chefs

For the past 34 years, the mission of Great Chefs has been to bring to the attention of the global public, the hard work, long hours and years of training that these Artists, called “Chefs”, dedicate themselves to. Great Chefs has raised the level of culinary education and introduces and exposes the next generation to the top level of culinary professionals today.

Raising the Bar with Jamie Boudreau

From simple garnishes to the most complex molecular mixology, Jamie Boudreau takes you through tips and techniques that are paramount to today's bartender.

Kathy Casey's Liquid Kitchen®

Kathy Casey's Liquid Kitchen® mixes her talent behind the bar and experience as a chef into a creative journey through great drinks inspired by the kitchen.

The Morgenthaler Method

Born out of his authoritative blog,, The Morgenthaler Method is an innovative new video series which brings Jeffrey Morgenthaler's unique bartending techniques to life through his sardonic commentary and precise instruction. They might not be the only methods out there but they are certainly his own.

Home Bar Basics

“Home Bar Basics (and Not-So-Basics)” author and host Dave Stolte visits the home bars of twelve friends and walks them through top-shelf renditions of twelve classic cocktails.

Partner Series: Whisky U from SingleMalt TV

Whisky U(niversity) is all about Scotch. From defining what Scotch is and how it is regulated to tips on purchasing, this video series from Singlemalt TV, featuring author and expert, Charlie MacLean, has everything you need to embark on your malty journey.

Sponsored Series: Novo Fogo's Soul of the Caipirinha

It sounds simple, but the caipirinha stands for a lot more than muddling limes and sugar together. Join four of Seattle's best bartenders and Novo Fogo Cachaça's founder as they uncover the soul of the caipirinha and the techniques that drive its deliciousness, in six video episodes.

Sponsored Series: Novo Fogo's The Balanced Bartender

Many bartenders are talented people — we all know that. But those who have talents and passions outside of the bar find that they can also have a longer career in the industry. Why? It's simple: inner balance improves personal sustainability. In Novo Fogo Cachaça's short documentary series, The Balanced Bartender, multi-talented bartenders tell their stories, discuss their passions and give insight into living a balanced life.

Sponsored Series: Luxardo - More Than Maraschino

Luxardo Liqueurs - More Than Maraschino and master mixologist, Francesco Lafranconi will help you discover the entire portfolio of Luxardo products. From Amaro to Limoncello there are great spirits to be discovered well beyond Maraschino.

Sponsored Series: Lessons on Vodka

Lessons on Vodka, featuring Simon Ford and Chris Patino of Absolut Vodka, is dedicated to educating consumers and industry professionals about the history of vodka in cocktails.

Served With A Twist

Celebrity chef and renowned gastronomic innovator Bryce Chartwell brings a unique approach to cocktails using his proprietary Lagrange Method. Join him on a remarkable journey in Served With A Twist.