Paul Harrington

since February 2009


How to Strain a Cocktail 3 Jun 2009
2:37 pm

I really enjoy what you and Robert are doing with the videos. It has become my weekly dose of contemporary cocktail culture. I have recommended them to people in a hurry while they are waiting for a copy of the book. At one time I attempted to describe to people how you properly portion a cocktail across multiple glasses (2-4). I think a demonstration from you would be a great follow up. I don’t think I have seen you or Robert ever make more than one.


Jasmine Cocktail 19 Oct 2009
7:15 am

If this economy stays in the tank, you may just find me behind a bar somewhere. We fiddled with video a little bit in the early days of Cocktail but it never took off like this. I love this web site. VIctoria looks like it is going to be an awesome event. If I didn’t already have plans for that weekend I would be there in a heart beat. Next year for sure. I think it will quickly become the favored cocktail event of the year if it remains focused on the creation of cocktails. Cheers to you Robert and all of the spectacular talent that you have organized for the Cocktail Spirit. BTW I just picked up a couple of copies of your book. Well done!