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East India House Cocktail 3 Aug 2010
10:18 am

Robert, thanks for sharing this classic cocktail recipe and all of your great work! 
I made this cocktail following this recipe and I found it to be too much of cognac with just a hint of fruit flavors.  I used an actual teaspoon to measure out the ingredients which called for it.  A teaspoon measured out in my OXO measuring cup to be about 0.25 oz, but a teaspoon is actually 0.1666 oz..  In watching the video, it seems you are measuring out 0.50 oz for the curacao, maraschino and pineapple juice.  Is that correct?  I am hoping to recreate the drink and was wondering if you could help me get the correct measurement.  Maybe I just got it right the first time and just don’t appreciate the drink.  I do love cognac though, just maybe expected something else from the cocktail.  =)  Thanks!!

East India House Cocktail 1 Sep 2010
6:22 pm

Robert, thank you for your reply.  I was secretly hoping you were measuring out .50 oz for the tablespoon so the drink would be sweeter, but you were even putting even less pineapple juice, curacao and maraschino than I was!!  I do agree with you that I should try to see what balance works for my tastes, but I now know what this recipe calls for.  The East India House is definitely more on the boozy side, so since I didn’t “love” it, I think I would increase the fruit element to 0.50 oz each.  Thanks again for your reply and setting me straight!!  I think it is great that you take the time to reply to comments such as mine.  Keep up the good work!