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Old Fashioned Cocktail 23 May 2010
7:55 pm


The first one of these that I made to your recipe came out great. Since then, they’ve been coming out medicine-y. What might I be doing wrong? Is it the Peychaud’s (just realized that it was different from Angostura)? What about my simple syrup ratio (1:1)? Thanks ahead, for any help and the great series. I may never make a whiskey and ginger again. Lol.

The Brute

Manhattan Cocktail 5 Sep 2010
12:11 pm

Hi Robert,

I have question about the cherries you make on your own. Do you really just buy the cherries and soak them in alcohol? Or is there a pickling procedure involved (to preserve their freshness)? Thanks.

Manhattan Cocktail 26 May 2010
8:14 pm

Yeah, I finally got some Angostura. I think a Manhattan is better with Peychaud’s, actually. Does this make it a different drink?

Mahogany Cocktail 23 May 2010
8:28 pm


Are there some spirits you just won’t touch? I’m a huge Scarlet O’Hara fan and I’ve been wondering what you’d be capable of with Soco.

The Brute

Mahogany Cocktail 24 May 2010
6:28 am

Nice. Robert, thanks so much for your input!

Wet Martini Cocktail 25 May 2010
6:50 pm

Tried this today. For such a “cool” drink, it sure does burn. I was using New Amsterdam, though. May need to spring for the Hendricks next bottle.

Wet Martini Cocktail 25 May 2010
6:52 pm

On that, Robert, I’ve notice that many drinks on this site simply aren’t served on the rocks. Before visiting here, I made everything that way. Historically, have we just been committed to getting our drinks down before they warm or what? Something tells me we all got drunk in a way bigger hurry, say, 70 years ago.

Wet Martini Cocktail 26 May 2010
5:40 am

Yeah, even though I stirred the crap out of it, I think I might be a rocks man, at least with this drink (I like my Manhattans up). Or maybe not, based on my next point.

I noticed that in your videos you seem to pull ice from a bowl or what seems like a bin behind the counter. I pulled my ice straight out of the freezer. This leads me to believe that my drink didn’t dilute as well as yours would (I’m sure the ice melts quicker after it sits a little). I only say this because I counted how long you stir in the video and did the same. Not a symptom of OCD, promise. : )

Love talking spirits with ya’ll. Drink well!