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Margarita Cocktail 18 May 2010
9:17 am

Robert, thank you for all your fantastic videos that you have provided on this site.
I do have one bone to pick on this particular one however.  Never should a margarita be made with a cheap mixto tequila such as Sauza blanco.  Always use tequila that is 100% blue agave.  Mixtos such as Sauza blanco and Cuervo gold are only 51% tequila with the rest being sugar alcohol for filler. They are cheaply made, taste bad and are the recipe for a hangover.  Any cocktail worth making is worth quality ingredients all around.  If you are going to spend the money for Cointreau, why skimp on the tequila?  There are many great tequilas out there that are very reasonbly priced-Cazadores, Milagro etc.

Margarita Cocktail 18 May 2010
9:52 am

Thanks for your response Robert.  I am a bit spoiled here in Colorado as we have access to a great variety of tequilas.  This struck a chord with me because tequila is a spirit that I am very passionate about—I’ve been bartending for the last six years in an amazing tequila bar with over 160 different tequilas.  Unfortunately, as you aptly put it, it is a very misunderstood spirit.  It is one though that people are becoming more educated on and beginning to experience the amazing variety and complexity that it offers.  If people have access to them at their local liquor stores, 30-30 and Pueblo Viejo are two that are very inexpensive (~$18 for the blanco) are very well made & 100% agave.
If you find yourself in Boulder, stop in and I will give you a tour through some of the amazing brands on our shelves!